Current Information as of 4/1/2020

    A lot of folks ask us if we are open.  First, the decision to be open is one that we rethink daily and each of us is given the option of not working at any time they feel it is in their best interest. Susan comes to the store to utilize the internet as we don have very good at home. We believe the service we’re providing and the precautions we are taking make the benefits to our customers outweigh the risk to all of us.

    So long as we are healthy, which may simply be a matter of time, we will continue to provide our services through the shut down as bicycle shops have been deemed “essential” by both the federal and state government guidelines on essential businesses. Worth noting that the stay home order does permit outdoor exercise for family units. 

    That ‘essential’ designation of bicycle shops is not just to serve those who can only get around by bicycle but also essential in meeting the need to get daily exercise and to ward off mental depression/anxiety that many are facing living in a confined environment.  Cycling is one of the few remaining mental diversions that can still be done responsibly by individuals and families.

    We can offer curbside repair check-in / pick-up if you desire, just give us a call ahead of time. It is my intent to have most repairs done within 48 hours.  We offer brief test rides for those shopping for a bike. We are that when in the shop you to keep safe distances not just from us but from other customers as well. Also we ask that you shop with your eyes as much as you can. And sadly we can’t have people just hanging around, which truly is one thing we certainly miss. If you are the only one in, you are welcome to stay and chat following your needs being met. We do ask if you would depart when the next customer arrives. Forgive us if we seem to appear short with this or during your visit – our goal is to keep interactions as safe as possible to minimize exposure.

    We’re focusing our energies on putting non-functioning bicycles into rideable condition and on selling new or used, yes, we have a few, bicycles to those who don’t have a bicycle but are looking for an outlet that will help them survive this shut down in a responsible, safe manner.

Speaking of safe and responsible cycling we’ve learned that the Soo line trail is open much of the way to Holdingford. Yet ay become congested as many other families have the same idea. If you are looking for safer roads to travel on as a family or an individual check out the My City Bikes Little Falls, The Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau website or give us a call – we’d love to tell you where to go ride… 

    Each day as we rethink how best to operate - or not to operate - we get grateful feedback from those who thank us for giving them this one mentally and physically healthy outlet. Thanks for the support you've given to our business and for your patience as we navigate new ways of serving.


Bicycle Sales, Service & Rental

We want to help everyday people ride bike.

Riding a bicycle shold be fun and enjoyable. Susan and David will help you ride right! 

They will fit you right, help you enjoy the ride on a quality bicycle so all you have to do is smell the flowers along your route. 

They also have eBikes!

eBikes will change your life!

Store Hours


March 1 to September 30

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturdays 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Closed Sundays

Times don't work for you - make an appointment and I'll meet you here!


That's  (320) NEW.BIKE

I check email & the phone so feel free to send any questions, I will be sure to get back to you.

We appreciate all the support over the years and hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone. 

See you soon!

About Us


Not only do we want to "help you ride right" we want to strengthen families and create communities through bikes.  We create biker gangs out of familes.  We don't want to sell you just any bike or bicycle accessory. We want to help you enjoy the ride, that means getting the right size bike as well as keeping it maintained. 

We will also assisit in make the ride even more comfortable and safe with a wide selection of 

accessories including shorts, gloves, socks, shoes and more.

Again we simply want to help you ride right!


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