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Why shop at a local bike shop?

Touright Bicycle Shop is located in downtown Little Falls, MN. Little Falls is in the cross section of two major cross country bike trails; Mississippi River Trail (the Gulf to the Source) and Adventure Cycling's Norther Tier route. Connecting the east and the west coast
As at other bike shops bikes arrive at Touright in a box. They require more time to assemble properly and safely. And that is more difficult than many realize. The degree of ability, care and skill varies. In addition to assembly, there is the fitting involved for each the customer; a frame size that measures "54" or “M” simply and only describes a size, not a fit. It doesn't describe a comfortable and efficient bike any more than a "32 inch waist" or “size 10” adequately describes a pair of pants. Touright adds significant value to any bike that leaves our door. If you visit Touright and test ride our bikes, talk with David or Susan you'll pick up differences that won't show up on websites or email quotes. Obviously, we're confident that our bikes are worth the price given.
Susan and David look forward to the opportunity of showing, fitting you and selling you a great bike, something you'll have for years and want to get out and ride, every chance you get! We carry a full line of bicycles and have one just for you! Test ride one today!
We don’t want to be like all the other bike shops in the world you’ve visited - we want to be your bicycle shop. We’ll cater to your needs. We repair and rent bicycles as well as have free water too!

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Touright is an independent local bicycle retailer. We serve the greater Central MN area. The key word in the first sentance is independent, it’s all on me, David, to make or break the business and stay in business, not to mention put food on my table and pay my mortgage at home. I believe, I know and yes, I even understand you can shop around. You can drive 30 miles or click online for a better price. (I try to do my best to be competitive in pricing.) But, there is one thing that will not show up on websites, an email quote or even at other stores – that’s me, David, your friend, your neighbor and local independent small business owner. 

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Why a Local Bike Shop

Just a few more reasons

At Touriht we are driven by passion and strive to execute with excellence. This makes our local independent bike shop one of the greatest retail institutions in America today. That’s a pretty bold statement but I think I can easily make my case. While some of the following qualities may apply in some cases to some other types of retail, only the local independent bicycle shop consistently possesses all the following attributes under one roof.

The local IBD serves the widest diversity of clientele of any other small retailer. We sell high dollar bikes and gear to the enthusiast in one transaction then we sell a patch kit to a homeless person as we teach them how to fix their flat. In both examples we fill legitimate needs for the customer but often the smaller transactions makes a greater difference in a customer’s emergency of the day.

Another reason that I consider the local independent bike shop to be the greatest retail institution in America today is that we are the kindest, greenest retail activity to our planet. The very nature of our product reduces consumption of limited world energy resources. Millions of car trips daily do not occur because of the utilitarian nature of our product and services.

Our individual store recycle tons of cardboard, metal, and rubber annually and many shop owners donate the income from that recycling to local charities.

At Touright we actually fix things that break. What other retailer still does that? In this age of planned obsolescence and disposable commodities what other category of local merchant still routinely stocks parts to fix items purchased (and ridden) half a century ago? I do.

And while we may not always make the connection, every time we repair a bicycle we are in fact recycling the entire bicycle for were it not for the existence of our bicycle repair services a bicycle’s first mechanical failure would be its last failure as its disappointed owner would have no choice but to roll it to the curbside awaiting the next trash pick-up.


Our willingness to quickly ‘get a guy back on the road’ so he can get to his minimum wage job has allowed more than a few struggling souls to keep their job. How often have we arrived at the store first thing in the morning to find a customer anxiously waiting with a flat who also asks to use our phone to let his boss know that he will be coming in just a little late?

And we all know that those down on their luck don’t always have the funds for the repair but we still accommodate. While yes we may laugh or even complain about folks expecting us to help them out for "free" knowing full well that they would never expect a chain store to do the same, or an online retailer even begin to help, but that’s a good thing, the fact that they view us in a more humanitarian light than they view any other form of retail.

Through our self-financed advocacy efforts we improve the health and safety not just of individual customers but of our entire communities. Through our efforts it is now safer for kids to bike to school and for all to choose healthier ways to explore our cities.

At Touright we are connecting families and creating communities by bike.