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New Bicycle Maintenance Program

During  the first few months of riding, it is normal for your new bike's parts  to "settle in" during the break-in period. To ensure that everything  settles well, we offer complimentary service programs to keep your ride  in tip-top shape. Don’t be afraid to bring it in for some tweaking  throughout your first season of riding right from Touright.

Free Women's Clinics and Rides

Our  women-only clinics and workshops address your needs both on and off the  bike. Come learn the basics of riding (or maybe racing) from a woman's  point of view. Our staff includes many knowledgeable and experienced  cyclists who are excited to share what they know. If you're ready to get  started, or to take the next step, stop in and see what we can do to  help you on your journey.

Free Group Rides

At  Touright we have a variety of group rides for all levels of cyclists.  Visit the Ride with us page for information on the rides.

Free In-Store Events

You  know what's awesome? Bikes. You know what's better? Talking about bikes  with like-minded individuals. When you join us for one of our in-store  events, you help us share our love of cycling. Events vary in theme from  socials to tech clinics to fund-raisers, but they're always fun and  welcoming.

If  we are exceeding or not meeting your expectations, please send us an  email with your comments or suggestions. Serving you and helping you  ride right  is our top priority, and we want to know how we are doing.  Thank you.

Third Thursday of the Month 'How-To' classes.

The third Thursday of the month we will be offering hand-on 'how-to' classes. 

Touright is happy to offer some How-to  classes just for you! the best customer in the world! We offer classes  on the fourth Thursday of each month from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM. (Holidays  and weather permitting.) Participants will receive a 5-10% discount on  their next purchase 

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