A few of our bicycles brands.



The brand is best known for the most popular--and comfortable--bicyclye in the country, the Townie, which uses flat-foot technology to create a comfortable ride.



Giant makes high-quality road bikes for riders of all experience levels and speeds.




Founded in 1986, Marin Bikes holds a special place in cycling history. As one of the first mountain bike companies, they have a hard earned reputation for innovation, quality and durability. Designed and tested on the hills and trails of Marin County, Ca. Marin Bikes are offered in a wide range of road, mountain, adventure, and comfort bicycles to fit any level of rider and any budget. Make Touright your Marin bike shop



We carry a wide variety of BMX bikes including bikes from Fit, Giant, Radio, Redline, Stolen, Subrosa and We The People

Children & Youth Bikes


We have bikes for children and youth of all ages including kick bikes from Strider and Burley for children 18 months to preschool aged, and larger bikes that can be used with or without training wheels for older children from brands including Electra and Giant.

Other Bikes

Ebikes, electric bike, electric assist

Other brands we carry include: Civia,

Cooker, GT, Liv, Populo, Raleigh, and Surly

Batch Bicycles


Batch Bicycles are — Simple. Honest. Pure. We are no ordinary bike brand because we don’t just build bikes... we build relationships.  

Just like Touright!



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